Is Apple crazy for releasing an iPad Mini?

Written by Jason Gindi

The fruity tech company just announced its planned October event, where an iPad Mini is to be revealed. Many consumers are critical of this, in saying “another big iPod?”, “iPad Mini, or iPod Large?”, and other cynical comments. But in the tech. world, there are a few fairly obvious reasons why Apple is doing this:

Apple Sends Out Invites to [iPad Mini] October 23rd Event

Written by Jason Gindi

After weeks and weeks of crazy rumors, Apple has finally announced their October event. The event is expected to feature a few things: firstly, we are expecting a slew of new Macs. This includes the Retina 13″ MacBook Pro, a new Mac Mini, and a new iMac. But this stuff isn’t even half of it. What we’ve all been waiting for. The, elusive, imaginary, and what Apple will surely call magical, iPad Mini! It’s expected to have a 7.89″ screen – putting it in perfect competition with the new Google Nexus 7, and the new Kindle Fire. It’s price point? Nobody knows for sure, but probably somewhere between $200-$500  - and it will probably come in mulitple storage options.

The Event will be at 10 AM in California Theatre in San Jose, California (1 PM Eastern time). Leave your comments and thoughts below!

Should I buy the iPhone 5?

Written by Abe Serouya

The million-dollar question right now is “”should I buy the iPhone5?” is it worth the upgrade and the $2-400? The answer really depends on what phone you have currently


If you have a(n):

iPhone 4s- If you have the iPhone 4s, I wouldn’t shell out the money to buy a new iPhone 5.  I could only imagine very few legitimate reasons to buy a new iPhone 5 if you have an iPhone 4s, among them, the new feature of 4G LTE,

New Playstation 3 Slim Version: No Price Cut?

Written by Jon Carter

The new Playstation 3 slim model is not designed for those who already have the bulkier version, but for those who have yet to get the latest Playstation 3 model. However, there is a problem since the price points of the previous models have yet to be slashed. The  Xbox 360 4g is already priced at $199.99 and since many of the same titles are playable on both Microsoft and Sony systems then consumes are far more likely to go with the 360. A slimmer model PS3 combined with a lower price point would have allowed Sony to compete with Microsoft’s 4G version. The pricing for the current PS3 versions are the 160GB for $250, the slimmer model for $270 with the 320 and 500 GB model, both new and slim, will go for $300. The same price $300 for both the 320 GB and 500 GB models is a bit odd considering that the 320 GB has been around for a while and offers the consumer no deal or incentive to buy the 500 GB.

Resident Evil VS. Silent Hill

Written by Jon Carter

Two games that have come to set the standard when it comes to the survival horror genre are Resident Evil and Silent Hill. They have competed against each other in the video game and motion pictures markets and each franchise has its attractors and detractors. They have their own base of loyal fans who know everything there is about storyline, characters and environment. Though Resident Evil came first, Silent Hill has made quite an impact within its own right with its creepy atmosphere and creatures that would straight out people’s worst nightmares. The first Silent Hill game debut shortly before Resident Evil 3 hit the shelves. Resident Evil 3 also makes a slight dig at Silent Hill when one of the characters is looking for his daughter which is the primary story line from the first Silent Hill. The main character, Jill, urges the father stay inside for fear of danger. He ignores her advice and ends up getting killed by a monster.

Return of Projectors

Written by Jon Carter

Projectors have received an upgrade in the last few years, now being used as home theater and entertainment devices. It is a different form of entertainment that can be used for home theaters and gaming. The utilization of 3D technology with projectors will make any entertainment experience more enjoyable and will add quite a visual experience.
3D technology is something that is becoming more popular in theaters so why not extend this technology in the privacy of your own home? There would be no need to wear 3D glasses and a home theater system would provide a unique and enriching experience. For those that have a spare room, the addition of a projector can turn any area into a cozy, movie room for hosting and entertaining. A screen projector will add value to any Super Bowl party and or movie marathons. Those who have larger space and homes can also

iPhone 5 Review [Video]

iOS 6 Breakdown; iPhone 3GS is dead

Written by Jason Gindi

iOS 6 is finally here and it’s got “over 200 new features” for everyone to poke around through and find. But there are a few features worth noting in a formal article… kind of like this one:

First off is Siri, the genius behind the iPhone. Siri came off with a BANG! last year when it was released but it was kind of disappointing to hear that it would only be available on the iPhone 4S. With iOS 6, although no older iPhones will be getting Siri, the new iPad will be (it will also be available on the 5th gen. iPod touch). Siri has also been updated to include sports news, as well as give you times for movies. A rather surprising feature is the cooperation with OpenTable Apple has made – you can now make restaurant reservations right from Siri. Convenient.

If You Want an iPhone 5, What Are You Waiting For?

Written by Abe Serouya

Last Week Apple released their highly anticipated iPhone 5. expectedly, Apple has sold many iPhones since it has been available for pre-order. Now, the new iPhone is on a long back-order. This means It will take 3-4 weeks to get your iPhone if you buy it online. The hype for the new iPhone is strong, because of this, waiting is not t going to make anything easier. If you have an upgrade and think you’re better off waiting a week or two, your not, it will just take longer for your iPhone to get to you and the wait time could potentially be 5-6 weeks.

Tech Stocks

Written By Jon Carter
Purchasing stock in the latest tech gadgets and companies is a great way to make some money while securing a solid, stable investment strategy. The great thing about investing in technology is the stability it brings since there are always new gadgets that are being debuted on the market. In order to get in the tech stock game, it requires some research and knowledge about the stock market and what kind of gadgets will interest you.
There is no magic formula when it comes to purchasing any stock and everyone will lose at some point whether a novice or stock market veteran. However, purchasing stock in the tech field will prove a lucrative venture since there is so much to choose from. There is a large consumer base itching to purchase the latest smart phone, kindle, tablet or notebook. Study what is hot on the market and stay current with the latest gadgets that arrive on the market. Follow reviews of that product and how the market reacts to the company that sells the new product. If it is something that you believe in, and the market conditions are favorable, then seize the chance in getting the stock. There must be a delicate balance of careful observation and taking a swift chance. You don’t want to get to hasty or be too slow in making a decision to purchase any stock.

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